How to Anal Douche: Exact Steps & Safety Tips

How to Anal Douche: Exact Steps & Safety Tips

how to safely anal douche

Anal douching isn’t something that’s commonly talked about. Even so, many people use this cleansing method before having anal sex. While it’s not entirely necessary, it’s a great way to ensure cleanliness before doing the deed!

If you’re feeling the need to anal douche before undergoing some ass play, this guide will come in handy. Here, we’ll cover everything there is to know about safe anal douching, including the exact steps on how to do it. 

Anal Douching in 5 Easy Steps

Nowadays, there are tons of products aimed at hassle-free anal douching. Even though these products may have different features and price points, they all basically do the same thing. 

The key to choosing the right anal douche is to find one that you’ll be comfortable using. If this is your first time, it’s best to go with a simple tool that doesn’t involve too many steps. Here are the 5 steps that should always be included with your product: 

  1. Before getting started, ensure that the product you’re using is clean to reduce the risk of bacteria(Proctitis etc…). Once clean, fill the douche with warm water or a solution that’s safe for the bum. Most products have a bum-cleaning solution included. 
  2. To make things easier on your backside, gently insert a lubed finger into your rectum. You can also coat the douche nozzle with a small amount of lube. While this step isn’t entirely necessary, it will definitely make the entire process more comfortable!
  3. While in the shower, slowly push the douche nozzle into your rectum. Once it’s in, gently squeeze the bottle so that the liquid enters slowly. 
  4. Remove the nozzle, allowing the liquid to spill into the tub. You can also do this over a toilet, but this can be tricky for first-time douches. 
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you’re satisfied with the results and the liquid comes out completely clear. It’s best to shower after this process, so you’ll feel extra squeaky clean!

Is Douching Necessary Before Anal Sex?

Some people prefer a nice douche prior to putting anything in the bum. But is it really necessary before having fun with your partner?

One of the best ways to know if an anal douche is needed is to test things out before subjecting your partner to a “poopy” situation. You can do this by inserting your finger – make sure it’s clean beforehand! – into your rectum.

If it comes out clean, then a douche sesh really isn’t necessary. It’s just like sticking a toothpick into a cake; if it comes out clean, it’s ready!

Important Safety Tips

When it comes to anal douching, safety should always be your main priority. Here are a few important safety tips to reduce the risk of injury or infection:

  • Douching is best in moderation. Try not to exceed 2 times per week! Douching too much can reduce the protective lining in your rectum, and it can even increase your risk of infection.
  • Never use any harsh chemicals or non-body-approved products with your douche. Warm water is best, or you can resort to a simple saline solution for similar results. 
  • Be sure to clean your douching equipment before and after you use it. It’s also important to thoroughly dry each component after each use to prevent mold and bacteria growth.